Major rights under GDPR for the consumers

1 August 2018
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1 August 2018, Comments: 0

Meaning of GDPR

GDPR means general data protection regulation. The European data privacy policy was designed so that it could offer transparency of data to the EU data subjects. Apart from the idea of data transparency, this policy is able to empower netizens of the European Union so that they are able to control the flow of data inside and outside the organization and also be able to control data process, usage, and storage

GDPR has a long list of policies

· • The user has a right to request for his/her data to be deleted if he/she ceases to be a consumer of that service or product.

The users have a right to restrict the data controller about data use in the direct marketing issues. So as to enhance convenience the user has a right to request his/her data to be transferred from one device to another

• The users must be informed clearly the purpose of data and they must have the option to sign in and out of that data. In addition, the data controller must give the users total rights to decide if they can allow the data controller to process the data or decide not to process it.

The GDPR policies extend to services that the companies offer such as consumer applications and not only the idea of online entities. It is important that mobile app companies try to review the GDPR policies in a comprehensive manner so that they make sure that their applications are in line with the data privacy policies of the EU.

Some of the important points that you should be aware of when it comes it GDPR policies are:

• You have to consider the needs of the consumers when it comes to data protection and privacy from the beginning especially when designing an application. When you are designing an application it will be easy for you to identify the data security and privacy areas.

• Before you start to collect any kind of information from the users you should ask yourself about the kind of information that you need from them. So many mobile apps are known to request irrelevant permissions from the users. It is good that you are aware of the kind of data that you are required to collect and make sure that strictly collect only the important data.

• It is good that you inform clearly the users about the data which you will be collecting from them and get their permission. When you look at article 7 of GDPR you will see how it defines clearly on the way that you can ask for you to be given permission. However, it needs for the information and permission to be presented in an understandable manner.

• After you have been permission it is important for you to make sure that the data you will be collecting is safe. You will realize that every year the cyber crimes are increasing. It is therefore important that you ensure the data for the users has been protected from cybercriminals and hackers so that you can avoid paying a huge amount of money for these crimes.

The mobile application companies must make sure that they familiarize themselves with the GDPR policies so that their apps are able to comply with the current regulation especially during the design the process of designing the app. The GDPR policies are also applied to the enterprise-grade application and not only the consumer applications as many people think.


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