IT considerations if you are moving office

23 January 2019
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23 January 2019, Comments: 0

Companies are now beginning to relocate their headquarters, this is due to a number of reasons. Relocation can affect the efficiency of employees regardless of distance, however even if you are just moving down the street, you will need proper planning to limit the hassles and disruptions.

Many internal and external factors cause relocation problems such as market access, real estate cost, and more. A physical move of a company is complex. In fact, most companies consider relocation without focusing on information move. They do not plan for the IT infrastructure. As the result, they face a lot of troubles and prolonged interruptions after relocation. The employees cannot work for a long time in the absence of the internet. Here the question comes: How long can a company afford to stay offline?

While relocating, your first focus needs to be on server relocation. You will need technical assistance for this. A great combination of business relocation expertise and technical expertise can serve the best interest. Without proper relocation of your vital equipment, you can experience a huge loss and a lot of other complexities.

A server relocation and data center relocation does not mean that you just need to relocate your tools. It demands knowledge and expertise for proper relocation. Any ignorance and mistake are going to offer dire consequences.

How to ensure a smooth relocation

While considering relocations, organizations need to focus on some key factors, especially for IT infrastructure relocation. Server relocation needs a detailed planning and moving strategy. You will have to do a lot of preparations than simply unplugging equipment and then putting them in your vehicle. You cannot relocate them on your own. You will have to take the help of experts to handle the sensitive technical issues.

You should plan the relocations on weekends to minimize the downtime for your staff. Your system might be down for a week or more. Therefore, precautions are required to prevent loss. You will prefer a smooth relocation while ensuring minimal interruption of work. If you want a smooth relocation, then first, you will have to ensure that WIFI is installed in your new office before the arrival of your employees. Otherwise, long interruptions will cause your employees to work hard lather. Followings are the checklist you can go through for important IT relocations.

Improved your WiFi bandwidth


  • Check the speed of the internet to ensure that it meets the requirements of your workload
  • Conduct a review to know that the relocation is helpful to migrate to the cloud or not
  • Go through the network configuration and cabling
  • Check all the possibilities for internet providers and internet connectivity
  • Take the help of experts to move your physical IT infrastructure
  • Test and install the power and communication ways including WIFI in the new location
  • Update your IP address

You can implement all the above tips to ensure smooth server relocation. You can also consider taking the help of relocation services to guarantee proper and hassle-free relocation of your IT infrastructure. They are capable enough to suggest the best solution to migrate your equipment and systems.


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