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14 December 2017
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14 December 2017, Comments: 0

Improving your website isn’t simply about design or SEO (Search Engine Optimization). A properly implemented and tested website may be the single greatest effort you can make on behalf of your online business. This means that you must use your skill to catch the eye of a viewer and convince them to stay – all in less time than it takes to type a search term. Understanding the various aspects of a website and how they impact viewers can help you decide what your website should look like, how it should be set up and how you present information to viewers.


The overall look of your website is your first chance to impress viewers. Think of your website as your storefront. Just like an old-fashioned brick and mortar business, you want your viewers’ first impression to be as positive as possible. To do this, create a website that is simple, clean, uncluttered and professional. Remember that everything from font choice to images can change how your site is viewed, so thoroughly test each aspect before going ‘live.’ By putting keywords and phrases on your title tags, meta tags, and body text, your site can be viewed by other internet users once they will type your keywords and phrases on search engines. When your site has many relevant keywords and phrases, it is more possible that your site will be able to earn high amount of traffic. But, in getting keywords, you should choose those effective ones, which you think that internet users will type search them.


The next area to consider is the message your website imparts. Viewers want to know why they should stick around your site. Whether your site is designed to sell a product or service or if you are simply imparting a viewpoint or information, the message of your website must be clear. If you are not offering a product or service, the messaging portion of your website may be a bit tricky. Consider using language like ‘Information,” “help,” or “opportunity” to state your message. Another easy way to lose visitors is a lack of speed. Be sure to work carefully with a designer to ensure your website loads as quickly as possible. Consider avoiding ‘tricks’ like large flash pages for your front page – it will make your visitors happy. Load Time is also a new element that Google, for one, might be using to rank sites… makes sense from the human interaction perspective. Pay careful attention to the overall layout of your webpage as well as what graphics you include. Choose images that impart your view or message to the viewer as quickly as possible.

Use your layout to improve the ability of a viewer to quickly scan your page. It is a great idea to use bullet points, especially on your front page, to quickly show visitors what your message is. Finally, be sure to make the navigation of your site as simple as possible. Visitors who are unsure as to what to do next are likely to jump ship quickly. Include a sitemap and select buttons that are clear and easy to find. Remember that every word, picture and sound that you place on your website can change how a viewer thinks about you and your site. Make careful selections and tweak often for the maximum impact. Use Analytics Software such as Google Analytics so that you actually know what to tweak.


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