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There are a few critical times when you are building a web page where you need to make the right decision the first time or risks performing it over repeatedly. Once you remember these essential points, the better your web page will work and the happier you will be.


Whether you are a professional web designer, business owner, employee, or even a volunteer, it is important to identify your primary goals before you begin a website design. Are you looking for a high-tech website with all the best features, or are you going for a simple easy to use layout? Are you trying to impress clients with an impressive looking site, or are you more concerned about the functionality? The design and layout depend on what the site is intended to do, and who you are creating the site for.

Detailed Keyword Research

A good strategy is to provide product information that will improve local sales of your products and services. Car sites are a good example. Car companies don't often sell their cars through the internet, but they guide people to local dealers. You can also sell advertising, but right now, there is more space than ads to fill it.

Analysis Stage

Selling advertising on the Internet is not the best way to make money. The prices for advertising are rising, but they are still low. If you are running a portal site that serves an entire industry, you may make a little money, but you should look up ad sales as a potential bonus, not a certainty.

Establishing a Strategy

A web page is required to sell items or services over the internet. This will allow you to market to not only a local market but an international group. It is important to have either an ordering system for few products or maybe even an extensive catalog on your site. You can also sell services that can be completed via the net or at least initiated via your site.

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Microsites are a website of just a few pages that are tailored to a particular service or product that is very popular. You might sell subscriptions for another company's services, or use forms and email to generate business for clients. Your site can display links that will earn you affiliate commissions. Every time a visitor clicks on a link and visits a shop's site you have the potentials to share in earnings from a sale.


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