How to select a perfect domain

14 September 2017
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14 September 2017, Comments: 0

Think about the keywords

Before you make the decision to log into your preferred domain registrar, take time to think about the most appropriate keywords to use. You need to come up with about five most appropriate keywords that you feel will work perfectly for you. The phrase and words must showcase what you do or what you intend to do. Use all of them together and determine the ones that are the most appropriate. Ensure that there is a clear flow in the terms you use.

Make your domain exceptional

Note that the domain you choose will be a major component of your brand. Therefore, you have to ensure that it is outstanding not only for you, but also to all other users. You should never choose a domain that has even a close resemblance to another well known domain. This will help avoid confusion that might arise.

Pick a .COM

In case you want to have a long lasting online brand, the most advisable domain is .com. It is good to have a 301-redirect to take traffic to a .org or .net domains, but it is vital that you have a .com for the country your are targeting. One of the factors that make .com the most appropriate one is that most users have a lot of trust in it. Most internet users are still not aware of existence of other TLDs. This might make them hesitate to click your site when they see them. Give your users an easy time by going for a .com and you will gain long term benefits.

Choose one that is easy to type

In case your URL is complicated to type, users will not like it. Make sure that your URL strings are short and words are easy to spell to avoid frustrating your end users. Ensure there is no way that your users will be impacted negatively by your URL.

Make it easy to memorize

Word of mouth is the best way of marketing any product or service. If you want your brand to be known fast, your domain must be memorable. If will be of no value if you have a well designed site, but it is hard for people to recall your domain name.


Your domain is key for your online business success. Therefore, make sure you have a domain that shows search engines and users who you are. You do not to pick any domain name, you need to take your time to reflect and choose the one that fits your business well.


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