How to Audit Your Website for Improved SEO and Conversions

4 December 2018
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4 December 2018, Comments: 0

1. One can generate an XML Sitemap immediately right here.

Using SE ranking one can easily and promptly generate an XML sitemap. When doing so, one will be in a position to select what types of pages to include and one will also be in a position to specify.

2. One can additionally develop custom reports to share and compare.

Having legitimate and concise reports which reflect all the required data in one single document is a great deal for freelancers and agencies.
Your clients normally appreciate the reports you give them especially if they are easy to read and display how well their projects are going. Apart from creating these awesome reports, one can also schedule a sequence of automatic reports which display how well the projects are going, and this is shown in your email. In this way, one will be able to quickly view where things actually stand with your client’s sites and work on it accordingly.
You will be in a position to construct a good view of the different reports to have a good look at the dynamics. All that is required of you is to choose the dates for the reports you will be comparing and acquire data on how your site’s metrics have been alternating over time.

Either for you to use or to bring out a presentation for your client’s comparison is a very useful piece of information for evaluating performance. It is very difficult to display awesome ranking dynamics within a short time if the site you are having is experiencing many errors.
Such reports normally maintain you at bay with how all the various parameters are changing. Let’s say the Moz DA got changed but one can’t recall what this parameter earlier was. The comparison review and also the data report will enable you to see that change so that you can make a well-informed choice on the way further.

3. You can be in a position to view all the pages

That was filtered and scanned and be able to see the errors occurring. The new website audit from SE Ranking allows you to see the list of every page that was scanned or worked on.
This option advances to give you a picture of where things are going well and what pages need improvements or further advancements. Additionally, all these pages can be reviewed and filtered by an error or parameter of your choice which enables your SEO life quite a ride in the park.
For instance, you can filter pages by a particular error and operate on correcting not only these pages but also more of them. There is an option to set a filter for several segments and download the results in an XSL file. All this will ensure you can find out any error which may be hampering your client’s projects and be able to inform them as well. Since all records of any scanned or filtered documents are well kept one will be able to retrieve them at their own convenient time.


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