How Technology Can Support Learning through Measuring Progress

26 May 2018
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26 May 2018, Comments: 0

EdTech combines teaching, learning and technology for the better. This is particularly very important in measuring progress of a learner and hence its importance to the education sector should never be underestimated. By partnering with an ICT support company, learning institutions can now be able to measure the progress of their students and use this information to help better their students.

Why is it so important to measure the progress of learners? This will be shown to students and other parties involved in their learning. It helps assure learners that the effort they put into their studies is yielding results. This pushes them to put in even more effort and hence improvement is achieved. Also, teachers and educators are able to make the right decisions on what interventions to use to help a certain student improve his or her attainments. According to a Naace project recently held, response from over 100 schools showed that capturing student progress is very important. The conclusions were that evidence of progress should be collected and celebrated to encourage creative and academic success.

There is a cycle called the Virtuous spiral which starts with capturing the student’s work in a digital format and then creating audience for the work. There is increased feedback on this work and this is followed by capturing the evidence on progress and this data on achievement is shared. This leads to the pupil leading the learning process and with the shared efforts
from parents, teachers and the pupil, there is an improvement and the cycle starts all over again. This spiral is very important because it helps students take charge of their learning which makes it more fun and productive. They are able to set targets and work towards achieving them because they can see evidence of progress made in the past, with students taking the leading role in their learning, they are able to progress faster and build self esteem and confidence.

One of the most important steps in measuring student progress is the capturing of student work in digital format. This is then
shared with parents who should be encouraged to be actively involved in the learning of their children. Technology helps in the capturing and sharing of this information. Unlike just relying on paper based reports, using paper and digital formats of progress evidence, most parents are able to access this progress report. This is particularly true during this era when most parents spend most of their time in front of their phones, computers or tablets.

ICT innovation

A simple example of how an ICT support company can help in measuring progress is the use of a scanner to capture an image of the student’s work and then sharing this online. The conversation between school and home starts from there and an increase in feedback and praise is seen. This encourages better performance from the student.

Currently, many schools are using Progress8 and other measures of accountability. In Progress8, a student’s achievement is compared with that of other students who had the same attainment during a previous test. This is a new measure that has proven useful but now more needs to be incorporated in measures of progress. Digitalization ensures that a student’s work is
monitored throughout the term and progress measured so changes to approach methods are made early on and hence these approaches are more effective.

Fujitsu SV600

Thanks to technological advances, even items that were previously considered unscannable can now be scanned with ease. For instance, with the Fujitsu SV600, 3D design and art projects and portfolios can be scanned and the data can be easily shared in soft copy format. This means a wider audience taking part in the learning process and with these visible measures of progress success is encouraged. Even if the parents live miles away, thanks to Information Technology making the world a global village,
communication on how their children are performing in school can reach them and they can take part in it.

What are you waiting for? It is time to use technology to measure the progress of your students.


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