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17 October 2017
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17 October 2017, Comments: 0

It is the dream of every college student that they will land a high paying job immediately after their graduation. In reality, this is not always the case since job opportunities have become scarce in the modern world. Universities continue to produce more graduates that continue to infiltrate the already strained job market. The situation has thrown fresh graduates into limbo. They are not sure whether they want to go for the limited internship opportunities to increase their chances of landing a job, compete for the limited job opportunities or go back to college and further their studies.

However, there are still some careers that have few professionals, and anyone who pursues higher education in any of these fields is guaranteed a well-paying job immediately after their graduation. To help you make the right decision, below is a list of the top five highest paying jobs for fresh graduates.

1. Python Developer

Today, Python is among the most popular programming languages around the world. Developers around the world are adapting Python due to its simplicity and flexibility. With the current trend, mastering Python is a great asset that will guarantee you hundreds of job offers. Most of the Python developers specialise in back-end components which connect web applications with other third-party web services. Python developers also
support front-end developers through the integration of front-end applications with Python applications.

2. Chartered Accountant

Chartered accounting is a broad field which encompasses various activities. Today, it is normal to find a chartered accountant working as a Finance Manager, Director, or a Financial Advisor to an organisation. A Chartered accountant can specialise in any of the following fields; investigation, consultancy, accountancy, cost accountancy, auditing, or taxation.

3. Technical Writer or technical Communicator

Being a technical writer or communicator is one of the best jobs for young people who are fresh graduates from college. As a technical writer, your primary task is to prepare instruction files/manuals, write journal articles, and other supporting documents that make the process of communicating complex and technical information easy.

Most people hate technical jargon, and they will always want to read something that is easy to understand and follow. As a technical writer, you provide the necessary link between the end users and the developers. Your daily duties will mostly revolve around the processes of developing, gathering, and disseminating technical information among clients, designers, and manufacturers in a friendly manner depending on your target

4. Java Developer

Java is a universal programming language which is widely used all over the world. In fact, most of the systems in the modern world run on Java.Therefore, as a Java developer, your work isn’t limited to a particular stage of the application development lifecycle. There will always be something for a java developer at every phase of the development lifecycle.

Once you enroll and complete a java certification course, several java developers jobs will be waiting for you as long as you are competent. Some of the top java developer jobs include software developer, web developer, web programmer, application developer among others.

5. Search Engine Optimisation Analyst

If you are the type of person who has excellent analytic skills, then a bright future lies ahead of you in the field
of Search Engine Optimisation. For you to become a successful SEO analyst, you need to keep up with the latest trends in the area and have a great passion for research. You should also be able to come up with a creative and effective marketing strategy to enable you to beat your competitors.


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