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24 January 2017
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24 January 2017, Comments: 0

Public Relations exercises have become an inseparable part of the corporate world but be that as it may, it is surprising that many are yet to master the art. One of the ways of fostering good PR exercises is via the use of press releases and in this article, we shall discuss 3 of the greatest press release tools for PR Agency Hampshire.

PR Newswire

PR Newswire is a public relations press release tool that focuses on search engine optimisation techniques to enhance your corporate or brand image. The team of SEO experts at PR Newswire ensures that every possible mishap in your press release distribution is plugged before it happens. This they achieve by suggesting some of the best headlines, the kind that are informative enough to get your message out there as well as engaging enough to keep the intended audience always clicking back onto the news item. Other SEO techniques they employ include keyword manipulation and link placement. After you have succeeded in getting the releases out there, you can also count on their reporting tools through which you will be able to track the popularity of the releases in terms of clicks, views and shares.



At times, in our quest to foster good public relations through press releases, all we want is a means by which we can get to know how much of a mention our releases get. TrendKite, as suggested by the name helps users create hyper-targeted dashboards which enables them to monitor the progress of the articles that are published on a given topic. This way, you are able to search the top trending articles under that topic and then understand what the cause for their great performance is – is it their excellent headline suggestions, does the theme discussed resonate with the audience or is the release simply carefully delivered? All these questions are addressed by this tool as it enables you to know what direction to take the next time you want to write a press release, based on the trending topics.

Muck Rack

For journalists struggling to craft well-researched pitches, Muck Rack could be that one tool you have been looking for. The tools enables you to learn about journalistic styles by reviewing links to the articles and relating those with the social media feeds so you can get to understand what your audience says about the publication. Another bonus package of this tool is that it comes with a social integration feature that enables you to follow through with the releases in a bid to build constructive relationships with the industry stakeholders such as the editors, producers and the journalists themselves.


With such great PR tools, public relations experts need not scratch their heads anymore in trying to shape the message before releasing it to their audience. If used efficiently, these tools have proven to be transformative in nature, thereby jolting a company or organization into higher levels of corporate engagement. Point of advice – never sign up for any until you have had a trial run as what works for you or your organization may not work for another person.


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